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Welcome to the International Development Initiative at MIT

Born out of a longstanding collaboration between the MIT Public Service Center and the Edgerton Center’s D-Lab, the International Development Initiative (IDI) contributes to the vibrant international development ecosystem at MIT. International Development is a growing area of interest for students and faculty, and is a key part of MIT's goal of advancing global education. IDI aims to serve the MIT community through four core functions:

  • Programs
    Unique opportunities for MIT students to work on international development projects
  • Mentoring
    A resource for advice, guidance, and ideas for strengthening MIT students' work in international development during their time at MIT and beyond

  • Get Involved
    A comprehensive overview of the many classes, student groups, support programs, projects and events that relate to international development at MIT
  • Networking
    A series of events that build stronger connections, collaboration and communication among the International Development community at MIT